Oops! I Yo-Yoed

It happens to everyone, let’s face it. We diet strict, work out hard, and then life happens. We get out of routine for a week, eat that piece of cake or slice of pizza and it seems to slowly crumble apart. Then the weight comes back because of that piece of candy here and there, or feeling like you’ve worked so hard you deserve a break. There are so many reasons why we yo-yo and so many more reasons we come up with to not get back into tip-top shape.

I did awesome for several months, and I did great maintaining the weight loss and fitness routine. Then life started to get in the way. First, I was evacuated from my home due to hurricane Irma. This put me out of the gym and away from my healthy lifestyle. I was forced to resort to eating out with my fiance for a week and a half because we were put out of our home. Additionally, my work out routine was put on pause. Thanks Irma! A week later we traveled to Europe. I knew I was going to put health on hold while I was there to embrace the experience. The week went by, and I can’t say I feel bad about eating and drinking everything I did because it was a once and a lifetime experience. But this caused me to yo-yo back to a heavier weight.

After this span of 3 weeks my body was suffering. I was feeling sluggish, my system was totally irregular, and my skin was breaking out. So I forced myself to get back in routine upon my arrival home only to find starting back up was just as hard as getting started in the first place. My will was strong when I was consistently losing and seeing results. My will power was much weaker carrying my now 7 lb heavier body and feeling the struggle. It was discouraging and frustrating. Nevertheless, I powered through and got myself back to the level I needed to be at. And with that I found some tips of encouragement:


  1. We don’t always have good days, but the bad days make the good ones better.
    • Some days your work out doesn’t feel quite as intense, your meals end up being a little too large, and all you want to do is indulge in a bowl of ice cream or a bottle of red wine. Days you overcome these obstacles make the days you see results even better. You know you put in such hard work to see such wonderful things happen. Knowing that the only person who made those wonderful, confident feelings happen is yourself can be the most accomplishing feeling in the world.
  2. Losing weight is hard, but being frustrated is even harder.
    • Losing weight is not all fun and games. In fact most times it is never fun and games. It is hard work! Putting in hard work day after day and seeing small impacts on the scale or with the way your close fit can be extremely frustrating. After spending hours at the gym and depriving yourself of the foods you so badly want to indulge in you’ll want to see those efforts result quickly. When they don’t you’ll feel angry. My advise is to channel that anger into a harder workout and a more strict diet, not into another yo-yo regime. Time, perseverance, and consistency will heal the frustrations, I promise.
  3. Your motivation to work makes you a role model.
    • When you go to the gym day after day, post photos of you after your long jog or yoga workout your peers will admire you. It is very rewarding. People will mention in passing how they don’t know how you find the motivation and they wish they could be like you. Use these moments to remind yourself people want to be like you, so continue to work! Show them how great you can be, and show yourself how awesome it can feel.
  4. It’s a discipline, not a hobby.
    • Some people think health and fitness is a hobby and fit it in whenever it is convenient. For some people this may be true, but for those like you and me it is a discipline. It means finding time in a busy schedule, not taking rest/cheat days, and putting work into the work out. Eating clean and working out are things that do not happen in our spare time or whenever it is convenient, we make them happen because it is necessary to achieve our goals.
  5. It takes time, thankfully we have a lot of it.
    • We are given the opportunity to live long lives on earth. Being healthy allows us to live longer healthier lives. Therefore we have time to achieve our goals. You can put a due date on weight loss, but a lifetime of happiness lasts much longer. That’s why we must aim to maintain. Use landmarks as motivation to work a little harder, but don’t forget that letting yourself down does not have a due date it consistently exists.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Weight?

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Kick Your Bum Work Out

Over the weekend I did probably the best leg and butt work out I have made up yet. This left me shaking for hours later that day. For all you work out junkies who really want to feel the burn, this is for you. It was such a great gym day I just have to share.


Warm Up:

  • 5 Min Spin
  • 20 Min Stair Master
    • 30 seconds starting level 7, skip step
    • 30 second level up 2, regular step
    • 30 second fall and sprint
    • After each cycle move up one level for skip steps, two for regular steps
      • Round two: level 8 skip step, level 10 regular step, level 16 sprint
      • Round three: level 9 skip step, level 11 regular step, level 16 sprint
      • Round four: level 10 skip step, level 12 regular step, level 17 sprint
      • Round five: level 11 skip strep, level 13 regular step, level 17 sprint
    • Repeat 5 Minute and a half rounds until completion of 20 min



  • Build yourself to failure
    • Back Squats
      • First set medium weight, 12 reps
      • Add weight, 10 reps
      • Add weight, 10 reps
      • Add weight, 8 reps
      • Add weight, 6 reps
      • Add weight, 4 reps
      • Push to MAX weight, 2 reps
    • Box Jumps
      • 4 X 20, 30 second rest
    • Bosu Ball Circuit X 4
      • 12 heavy dead lifts on bosu ball (flat side of bosu)
      • 12 goblet squats (flat side of bosu)
      • 24 (12 each side) weighted Russian Twists (round side of bosu)
      • 12 glute bridges (feet on flat side of bosu)
      • 25 yard sled push


Cardio/ Abs Cool Down:

  • Bicycle abs to failure
  • 4 times each direction
    • Treadmill at max incline, slight jogging pace
    • 20 seconds side shuffle, 20 second front walk, 20 second opposite side shuffle
    • 2 minutes jog backwards
  • Decline abs 10 X 5IMG_2281

35 Day Protein Shake Diet

Recently I have decided to really challenge myself, setting my fitness goals high and my weight goals low. My goal in 35 days was to drop 10 lbs below the weight that I was currently plateauing at.

I had spent several weeks getting my weight from 147 lbs down to 133 lbs. I had been feeling great about my accomplishment until I could not get past that 133 mark. I was eating keto healthy, I cut way back on my drinking, and I was working out 5 days a week for at least an hour at a day. But, after losing 14 lbs my body wasn’t cutting down any further.

I decided to take measures into my own experiment. I had been reading a lot on bodybuilding.com about different sources of proteins, amino acids, and other vitamins and supplements that can both aid in muscle growth and weight loss. This was exactly what I wanted to do- get stronger/fitter and lose fat. This is when I decided to build my weeks of 85% protein shakes and 15% keto friendly meals. What this means is I would build my week around 3-4 standard ketogenic meals and the rest of the time drink protein shakes and meal replacement shakes.

Products I used:

  • 310 Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 310 Juice
  • 310 Tea
  • Designer Whey Protien
  • Scivation BCAAs
  • CLA 3000
  • Fit Miss Burn
  • Fit Miss Tyte
  • Scivation Quake
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Sugar Free Jello
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Variety of Herbal Teas
  • Monster Whey Isolate
  • Muscle Milk

**I am not a huge fan of being brand specific. I think that once you commit to one specific brand you then cut out your options of getting the kinds of nutrients/benefits other products have to offer.**

On my shake days I would wake up at 4:30 am for my morning workout. Work out for about an hour and a half to two hours. Then between 7:30-8:30 am make a shake with one and a half cups of almond milk. I would then have a protein shake every 3 hours, consuming 5 shakes a day.

And as for the results:

Week One:

This week was an adjustment for sure. I did not notice myself being particularly hungry. I did however notice a huge improvement in my performance at the gym. I was reaching my strength goals and I was seeing viable gains in muscle. I was also noticing my fat loss all over my body. I lost 4 lbs this week, getting me down to 129 lbs.


Week Two:

I found myself extremely motivated after seeing my results in week one. I started my week feeling awesome and unstoppable. I continued to feel this way throughout the entire week seeing more gains in strength and more fat loss. I was feeling slightly fatigued at the end of the week so I added recovery yoga into my routine at night. I ended this week losing 3 more lbs, hitting 126 lbs.


Week Three:

This week I felt slightly fatigued, but I was still extremely motivated. My results kept me going. I was seeing a lot more definition in my body, and I was feeling very empowered after every work out. My shakes were still keeping me full and satisfied. I did not lose as much weight as I would have liked to this week, only getting down to 125 lbs at the end of the week. I was not entirely disappointed with this because I knew I was gaining muscle and I was expecting the fat loss to slow down and begin to plateau again at this point.


Week Four:

This week I really wanted to drop another 2 lbs. So I incorporated three 2-a-day work out this week. In this middle of this week I was sore, tired, and beginning to get hungry. I had my eyes on the prize and I wasn’t giving up despite how I felt. I was over compensating my fatigued body with sleep instead of giving into meals. This I had a feeling was not good for me, but for the sake of the self made challenge I continued on. I ended up disappointed at the end of this week only weighing in at 124 lbs, my goal was 123.


Week Five:

This week took the most motivation, surprisingly. I had been more fatigued than I felt was natural. I stopped doing the 2-a-day workouts and focused more one long intense workout. I added in a 4th light meal this week to help my body replenish anything it was missing. However, the hard work I put in this last week paid off when I had his my goal of 123 lbs. I had lost 10 lbs at 32 days into my experiment. I maintained this 10 lb weight loss for the remaining 3 days of this experiment.


All in all, I recommend this if you’re getting ready for a wedding, big life event, vacation. Or if you just really want to kick 10 lbs in a month and get in awesome shape. My main goal above weight loss was superior athletic performance. This I achieved day in and day out. I did not let myself slack on any of my workouts.

The last day of this challenge fell on the day before my birthday. On my birthday I allowed myself to eat and drink everything in sight. Surprisingly I only gained 6 lbs of water weight because all 6 of those lbs were gone after 48 hours back on my regular ketogenic diet and work out routine. With that said, this diet is not a diet that will make you lose 10 lbs and gain it all back in a day, or a week, or two weeks. This has been a maintained loss.



For more about fitness and designing kick ass workouts continue reading my blog!